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"Your body is sacred, and deserves to be treated as such"

Eryn Price RMT

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Massage Therapy Services


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Breast Cancer Surgeries

Reconstruction or Flat Closure

Mastectomy, lumpectomy, expanders, DIEP flap and more

Reduce tight scar tissue, swelling, pain, complications. Build trust, feel comfortable in your new body

Portrait of a Non-Binary Couple

Gender Affirming Surgeries

Chest, breast, body

Chest reduction, breast augmentation, expanders

Eyes, face, jaw, nose, rib cage. Embrace your new shape more quickly

Woman After Face Lifting On Her Face

Elective Breast and Body Surgeries

Breast, face, abdomen, thighs

Breast reductions, lifts, augmentations; gynecomastia, chest implants

Face lift, tummy tuck, nose, liposuction. Shed bruising and swelling, create discreet scars

Massage Therapy Services


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Cancer patient in oncology unit

Oncology Massage

Chemotherapy and radiation

Reduce and overcome side effects of medically-base cancer treatments

Restore energy, heal skin, stimulate new hair growth, calm digestive complaints

Hot Stone Massage

Stone Massage

Hot and/or cold stones

Promote relaxation and stress reduction. Improve insomnia.

Restore vitality and energy

Regenerate blood vessels for excellent circulation. Restore pleasure response in the body


Body, mind, soul

Preventative medicine, self-care, post-traumatic growth, women's health

Combine massage, visualization, affirmations, essential oils, energy balancing for wellbeing

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What People Are Saying

"Eryn helped me get my body and life back in a timely fashion after my surgery. She is genuinely passionate about helping people, and offers a very soothing touch" - J.K.

"My doctor referred me to Eryn for help after my mastectomy, and she's made the world of difference. I can move more easily, and feel comfortable in my body again" -S.T.

"I highly recommend Eryn's services. We were able to start almost immediately after surgery. My chording went away after 2 treatments. I can now lift my arms overhead without pain. I'm so grateful!" - L.M.

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Therapist massaging female face.
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Meet Eryn

Registered Massage Therapist

Integrative Energy Healer / Yoga Teacher

Founder of The Mastectomy Guide

Educator / Speaker

Why did you choose this special focus to your practice?

I came to realize there are not enough rehabilitation resources for people going through breast and chest surgery, and I wanted to change that. Also, supporting people going through cancer treatments with oncology massage can significantly help with side effects and quality of life, so I find the work extremely rewarding!

In addition to focusing my practice on this population, I also created The Mastectomy Guide, which you can read more about below. I absolutely LOVE working with this population, and hope to do so with you too!

How long have you been in practice?

I started energy healing almost 25 years ago, moved into massage therapy about 12 years ago. Yoga I also started about 25 years ago but only started teaching in the last 5 or so years.

What is your treatment style like?

Generally I use a light - medium pressure, depending on the stage of healing you are in. I will do areas of deep spot pressure, often with an instrument. I try to keep my treatments from being painful as much as possible, though sometimes tenderness is unavoidable. I don't do the "bone crusher" massages anymore. I use Swedish massage, manual lymph drainage, myofascial release, stretching, joint mobilizations, hot/cold stones, breathing and visualization as my main techniques.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do your treatments cost?

Generally speaking, Initial appointments are 75 mins long and cost $168 +gst. Subsequent treatments are 60 mins and cost $125 +gst. For all other styles of treatment and lengths of time, please see booking site.

Are your massage therapy treatments covered by extended health?

Yes, all massage therapy treatments are usually covered by extended health benefits, and do not need a doctor's referral. However, check with your individual carrier to confirm your coverage.

Where are you located?

I work out of a home-based practice in central Penticton. Address is given out once booking is confirmed.

Are you accepting new patients?

Yes, at this time I am accepting new female, trans and gender-fluid patients only, unless you're a male who's had gynecomastia reduction or chest implants.

Do you do direct billing?

No, I do not do direct billing, and am not an ICBC or WCB provider.

The Mastectomy Guide

The Mastectomy Guide (MG) was created as an outgrowth from my massage therapy practice, and designed to fill the massive gap in rehabilitative care from breast and chest surgery.

Patients can find virtual home-care programs that are designed to make healing from breast cancer surgeries easier, smoother and with less complications. Programs have been reviewed and approved by surgeons, and are backed by science. Everything my patients asked about what they could do at home to help themselves, or discovered worked really well for them and they wanted to pay it forward, has gone into the patient programs.

Massage therapists can find evidence-informed training programs to learn to work with the breast and top surgery population ethically and safely. Courses are accredited in several provinces across Canada, and can be accessed both virtually and in-person.

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By Eryn Price RMT, YT

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